By perceiving clues reflected unconsciously in the handwriting of various letter-writers, Graphoanalysis  is able to help you pinpoint the sources of your fears and offer advice on how best to conquer them. For some, graphotherapy is recommended. Graphotherapy is the process of turning negative traits into positive ones through the conscious altering of one’s handwriting. The reader, by using the “Dear Dena’s” as a “How-To,” learns graphology quickly and easily.

Lecturing and teaching Graphoanalysis, and vocational guidance using handwriting analysis (trained and certified since 1974 by the International Graphoanalysis Society)

  1. Available for talks on handwriting analysis and its importance in personnel selection, vocational guidance, personality and character analysis, compatibility of couples, and the study of questioned documents.
  2. A handwriting analysis can be obtained through her website denawrites.com, her column in the Canadian magazine True Blue Spirit, or by sending her a personal e-mail at denawrites@comcast.net.
  3. Available for charity groups or parties as an “entertainer” analyzing writing of guests.
  4. Taught graphoanalysis at the Skagit Valley College, in Mount Vernon, Washington, and some years ago, the 8 weeks course in Santa Barbara.
  5. Has been analyzing handwriting since 1974, having been trained and certified by the International Graphoanalysis Society, headquarters in Chicago.
  6. Available for charity groups or parties as an “entertainer” in analyzing writing of guests.
  7. Recently taught graphoanalysis at the Skagit Valley College, in Mount Vernon, Washington, and taught the 8 weeks course in Santa Barbara some years ago.

If you would like to have your handwriting analyzed for free, you may send an email with your letter attached to True Blue Spirit Magazine HERE, or if you prefer a private reading, you may email it to denawrites@comcast.net for the charge of $85.00.

Learn more about graphoanalysis in the new series of books: 

Volume I: Your Fears, How Well Do You Handle Them? – The Answer Is In Your Handwriting!

Volume II: Your Relationships, Are They Right For You? – The Answer Is In Your Handwriting!

Volume III: Your work, Your Career, Is It Right For You? – The Answer Is In Your Handwriting!

2 comments on “Handwriting
  1. Susette says:

    Hi Dena,

    I met you at the national conference and bought all of your books. For some reason I paid extra attention to you in the meetings – just somehow felt drawn to you, but I do not know why.

    Anyway – I am so impressed by your experience and accomplishments and wish I could have gotten to know you better while I had the chance. I am presenting to my local chapter on Saturday about the conference overview and will tell them about you – maybe even help you sell some more books!

    My website is currently under construction but should be back up soon. Just wanted to leave a note and say hi!


    • admin says:

      Thank you for the compliment. I am in Santa Barbara at present and have put the books on consignment in bookstores here.
      What is your general impression of the three books?
      I will now put them on e-books. and then go on to my next book.
      Tell me about yourself. What is your background and what are you doing with the handwriting analysis?
      Love to hear more from you.