The Artist & the Alien

There are ETs who live and work among us—and care about us…as we go through the “shift.”

This is the true story of artist Shirlè Klein-Carsh and her spiritual journey with Frank, the alien from Sirius who prepared her for future missions and changed her life forever.

The cataclysmic direction the world is taking… Can it be reversed…
Or is it inevitable?

The Artist & the Alien—Guidance, Warnings, and Hope from an ET Living Among Us, offers an alien answer to both this, and other questions, such as:

Why are they here?  What’s it all about?

Earth, they say, will suffer many natural and man-made disasters as it and its inhabitants go from third to fourth and fifth dimensions. Spiritual evolution is inevitable. And some aliens are here because of it—to influence us regarding prophesies, pollution and global warming, armaments and our desire to enter space.

Why are we here?  What is our purpose?  Are we guided?

Shirlè’s story is about being guided, and being aware of being guided, whether by angels, departed souls, entities from another dimension, or synchronicities leading us little by little to do what we came here to do.

Are “Indigos” more likely to have alien contact?

Like the “Indigo,” “star-child,” and “wanderer” with its metaphysical/UFO connection, Shirlè Klein-Carsh felt she did not belong to her family or on Earth. The Artist and the Alien deals with this feeling of alienation and the need to recognize these traits in certain young children.

How was this alien contact different?

It was not by abduction, channeling, or telepathic communication. This was a two-year face to face student-teacher relationship from 1970 to 1972 between a woman artist and an extraterrestrial looking like us-living and working on Earth—who guided her in her psychological, spiritual and artistic development to prepare her for her two missions—and gave her various artifacts, including eight copper plates inscribed with his writing.

Shilè Klein-Carsh, surrealistic artist – under the tutelage of her Alien guide – paints images of other planets, dimensions, and more! Read her fantastic story in Dena Blatt’s new and exciting book The Artist & the Alien.

Dena had no knowledge of “wanderers,” Star People, aliens from other dimensions—or extraterrestrials looking like us, living and working among us—until meeting Shirlè later in life.


“Following the remarkable story of Shirlè Klein, alien experiencer, artist and messenger for humanity, the author gives a concise review of UFO literature, presenting the reader not only with the apparent metaphysical-alien connection, but with some important psychological, political and spiritual implications of the phenomenon that concern us personally.”
—R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD., Professor Emeritus, Counseling Services,
University of Wyoming, author of Soul Samples.

“The Artist and the Alien is a broad encompassing tale of human spiritual awakening, bringing the reader a wide range of important metaphysics. Keeping the practical and the personal always in mind, the author seeks to entrance and share the gems of understanding she’s encountered throughout her own life and that of contactee and artist Shirlè Klein. There is much of interest in her offering.”
—Scott Mandelker, PhD. author of From Elsewhere: Being ET
in America
, and Universal Vision.

“For far too long ‘abductions’ have abducted the UFO scene and have let most of us forget that there are many alien races visiting Earth and sometimes living among us. The Artist and the Alien is one woman’s captivating true experiences with an alien looking like us, living and working on Earth.”
—Warren Aston, Australian (now Californian) UFO
researcher and writer.

“This is a fascinating study of someone with sensitivities hardly dreamed of by most persons. Other books present the carefully presented and reasoned case for the existence of inter-dimensional aliens interacting with humans. This book goes straight into the mystery and wonder of the human-alien contact.”
—Timothy Conway, PhD., author of Women of Power and Grace.

“Shirlè is a surrealistic painter whose talent reaches deep into the cosmic realm of the infinite, to create images and impressions of both magical and mysterious worlds outside the realm of the ordinary. Her strong sense of colour and unique style of presentation make each of her paintings a rare find in today’s art world. Shirlè has shown her art in many exhibitions around the world since 1965.”
—Frank Lewis Morton, Poet and Metaphysician,White Rock, B.C. Canada.


Shirlè Klein Carsh is a surrealistic painter and a woman who from childhood never felt that Earth was her true home, nor her parents her real parents. Her traits are those of an adult “indigo” or “wanderer.” Much information can be found today on the subject of psychically sensitive “Indigo” children. “Wanderers” are souls from other planets who volunteer to incarnate on Earth to help in some way in our spiritual evolution.

In Shirlè’s story we come to understand that there was a definite purpose to the alien’s contact. She is told that through her paintings she is to convey the truth that we are more than physical beings and must evolve spiritually by developing compassion; that prophesies are only probabilities, and we have free will to make our own future.


The author delves into the metaphysical/UFO relationship; the connection of guidance with synchronicities; the “Indigo, wanderer, star-child” traits of the artist Shirlè; and our inevitable spiritual evolution as we go through the “shift””

Shirlè’s personal story has been used to demonstrate those connections—at the same time, emphasizing the far-reaching implications of the UFO and Alien phenomenon.


  • England—Egidia Bochetta, amazing Italian psychic, and her children.
  • USA—Ida Kannenberg, “walk-in,” rare UFO contactee, antique dealer.
  • Canada—Shirlè Klein-Carsh, “wanderer,” rare UFO contactee and cosmic artist.


All aliens have the same message: Earth will experience many natural and man-made disasters as it and its inhabitants go from the third to fourth and fifth dimensions in our inevitable spiritual evolution.

Prophecies are only probabilities; we have free will to change them.

We save the ecology of Earth and show compassion for each other as we and our planet go through the “Shift.”

.We must develop more compassion for others; positive energy and love are essential.

During coming earthquakes, floods, etc. there are places of safety on the continent.

Many advanced extraterrestrials are here among us to influence us regarding pollution and global warming, prophesies, armaments, and our desire to enter space.

The alien Frank tells Shirle that through her paintings, she is to convey the truth that we are more than physical beings, and that we must strive to evolve spiritually.