The Answer is in Your Handwriting – Volume I –Your Fears – How Well Do You Handle Them?

The Answer is in Your Handwriting –  with subtitles

Volume One – Your Fears—How Well Do You Handle Them?

Volume Two – Your Relationships –Are They Right For You?

Volume Three – Your Work, Your Career—Is It Right For You?

The Answer is in Your Handwriting  is a take on Dear Abbey but with a twist; Dear Dena answers the writer’s question from what she sees in the handwriting. The reader not only enjoys an advice type letter, but learns handwriting analysis in an easy way as each trait is pointed out.  Most importantly, she is sensitive and compassionate, giving hope and encouragement , while conveying a New Age spiritual understanding of the writer’s problem or situation; basically, that we are souls inhabiting a body, here for a purpose, and our negative thoughts are powerful “prayers”—so we must watch our thoughts!

Interspersed throughout the book are personal vignettes on relationships, compatibilities, personnel selection and vocational guidance—together with Dear Dena’s on those subjects.  Interested since sixteen, Dena finally became a certified graphoanalyst in 1974 from the International Graphanalysis Society (Headquarters in Chicago).  Previously, Her Dear Dena column could be seen in Santa Barbara and Seattle; today it is in the Canadian magazine True Blue Spirit.

Of all “how-to” methods of teaching handwriting, this book is unique —the reader discovers the answer to one’s “Dear Dena” question is simply within oneself, in the unconscious—the knowledge of graphoanalysis—the bonus.


Why am I afraid of the future?  Why can’t I achieve my dreams?  Why do I always fail?

The Answers Are in Your Handwriting!

In this Volume I of her handwriting series, Blatt delves into the fears that plague us all and the  only three methods of handling them: fight, flee, or adapt. By perceiving clues reflected unconsciously in the handwriting of various letter-writers, she is able to help them pinpoint the sources of their fears and offer advice on how best to conquer them. For some she recommends graphotherapy: the process of turning negative traits into positive ones through the conscious altering of one’s handwriting. the reader, by using the Dear Dena’s as a “How-To,” learns graphology quickly and easily. To lighten the study, personal anecdotes pertaining to the subject matter are interspersed throughout the book, as well as relevant quotes by famous writers, artists, scientists, and celebrities.

“In Vol I of The Answer is in Your Handwriting, Dena Blatt, certified graphologist and former medical laboratory technologist, simply goes on to analyze another part of a human – the  unconscious fears revealed in handwriting–combining  analysis with grandmotherly wisdom culled from many years of personal human experience. I know the reader will enjoy, as I did, her ‘Dear Dena’ answers and anecdotes, told with  compassion, insight, and, at times, dry wit.” – William James Baumann, M.D., psychiatrist, Anacortes, WA